Must-Read Book — Eyes, Stones by Elana Bell

I just finished Eyes, Stones by Elena Bell, winner of the 2011 Walt  Whitman Award of the Acadamy of American Poets.  Stone is the the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors and writes with great understanding and compassion for both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  Her poems are compact, tightly crafted and powerful.  And she understands the power of poetry and is not afraid to voice it, as the final poem in the book, Language in the Mouth of the Enemy, makes clear: “I am afraid that this poem/ will contribute to the destruction of Israel../ If I love the suffering of the Palestinians — it is so bright — / more than the suffering of my own,/ if I work for a better life for that dark-eyed boy/ in Aida refugee camp…/ If that boy grows strong and straps a bomb/ or worse, writes an article, a play, the perfect/ argument against the Jewish state/ then what have I done?”

The book is available through Louisiana State University Press and the ISBN is 978-0-8071-4464-0




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